Forrester The Total Economic Impact of IBM Spectrum Virtualize

Forrester The Total Economic Impact of IBM Spectrum Virtualize

ID : 2209
Date : May 2021
Industry : Information Technology

Quantified benefits. The following risk-adjusted present value (PV) quantified benefits are representative of those experienced by the companies interviewed Interviewed organizations consolidate and manage all storage as if its one pool, reducing admin effort by 60%. Admins can take a unified view across all storage systems and sites and leverage automation to reduce the amount of time spent on daily management and maintenance tasks. This improves scalability and frees up resources to work on innovative projects. Eliminating silos of capacity and leveraging data reduction techniques enables organizations to generate significant cost efficiency. Interviewed organizations improve the utilization of existing storage infrastructure by 33%, achieve an average 3-to-1 data reduction ratio across different data sets, and reduce storage growth from 15% to 6% year over year with IBM Spectrum Virtualize.


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