How to Navigate the Converged and Hyperconverged Market

How to Navigate the Converged and Hyperconverged Market

ID : 2292
Date : July 2021
Industry : Information Technology

The converged and hyper-converged (CI/HCI) market is now maturing to a point where the list of vendors that do not have HCI offerings is shorter than those that do. Larger companies such as Dell, EMC, HP and VMware have joined HCI pioneers such as Nutanix, Scale Computing and SimpliVity in the crowded market. Even companies that previously focused on dedicated scale-out storage products have also joined in DataCore, GridStore, Maxta, Nimboxx and Pivot3, to name a few. This proliferation of competitors has made it difficult to select the right hyper-converged product for your environment and your emerging workloads like AI until now.


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