• Patch management best practices0

    This document extensively addresses best practices that can reduce your patch management workload. Choosing the patching solution that works best for your organization involves evaluating several factors. For example, is agent-based or agent less best? Agent-based patching software is more efficient in reducing patch failures, plus you can deploy to remote users more easily. For

  • Why leading businesses are turning to dedicated solutions0

    The Future of Contract Management: Best-of-Breed (BoB) in the Cloud Why leading businesses are turning to dedicated solutions. For years, companies preferred large enterprise software suites for a variety of technical and business reasons. But increasingly, these suite implementations have been prone to failure due to the customization demands required to meet the needs of

  • X Series Solution Overview

    X Series Solution Overview0

    Reliable and clear communications have never been more critical than in today’s business environment. With so much choice, customers can afford to be selective about the companies with whom they engage. Businesses continue to escalate competition based on customer experience. The X Series is the communications hub for employees and customers. It has been designed