• Ultimate eCommerce Marketing Calendar 20200

    The calendar is structured around 84 different national and international days and events. It contains over 250 marketing examples from top brands in a variety of verticals. There are also a myriad of different practical web, email and social ideas to help you boost loyalty and engagement and ultimately increase your eCommerce revenue. Using this

  • 10 ways to personalize0

    Behavioral targeting and segmentation empower marketers to deliver messages tailored to an individual’s preferences, lifecycle stage, and place in the buying journey. Customers benefit from a shopping experience that speaks to their needs. And marketers can focus their resources on relevant communications that drive conversions and boost loyalty.

  • Customer Centricity in Action 7 ways to Put Customers First0

    Getting input from customers should be a requirement for customercentric initiatives—but not all methods of collecting customer feedback are created equal. A vast majority of the professionals we talked to are using customer feedback surveys, which are a great way to get candid feedback without requiring a lot of effort from your customers to participate.

  • The Claim Game: Why expense reporting is broken0

    For Too Many Businesses, Travel And Expense Reporting Is Stuck In The Stone Age. If You Can Harness Technology To Capture The Accounting Implication Of Any Transaction In Real Time, You Have Revolutionised The World Of Accounting.

  • Ten security controls for effective cybersecurity0

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  • Patch management best practices0

    This document extensively addresses best practices that can reduce your patch management workload. Choosing the patching solution that works best for your organization involves evaluating several factors. For example, is agent-based or agent less best? Agent-based patching software is more efficient in reducing patch failures, plus you can deploy to remote users more easily. For